About Us
■ Excelliance is truly an 'excellent alliance' of trainers, consultants, and HR professionals. Since establishing operations in 2005, we have grown to a position of trust with the support of 150 multinationals in South China. This trust has been fostered by an organizational culture passionately dedicated to simply providing the best services to our clients. We have the right team, the right resources, and the right attitude to meet all your corporate training requirements.
■ We are dedicated 100% to serving companies with top-tier Corporate Training Services. We don't deal with kids, students or the general public. Strictly helping HR Managers to deliver the very best training to your staff, that's all we do.
■ We've successfully served over 150 multinationals in South China, including a whole lot of the world's most famous brand names.

Contact: avril@ebcco.com.cn Tel: 0755-83002770, 83003170, 83003668
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